To register to the Viamonde international program, applicants must follow these steps:

  1. Send application package including the application form and mandatory documents, and pay application fees.
  2. Proceed with the payment of 50% of the tuition fees and submit legal custody documents.
  3. Receive a letter of acceptance and apply for a study permit.
  4. Send a copy of the study permit to Viamonde international and pay the tuition fees in full.

The steps in detail :

Please complete the Application Form and send it by e-mail to Viamonde international with the following documents:


  • certified true copies of report cards from the last two years and the current year;
  • certified copies of a translation into French or English of the report cards;
  • attestation or certificate showing the level of proficiency attained in French;
  • photocopy of the student’s passport and birth certificate;
  • reference letter from a school principal or teacher who knows the student well; • immunization form; • immunization record;
  • two (2) declarations of custody signed by the parents in their country of origin and by the person having legal custody in Canada;
  • form for the homestay family (if the student will not be residing with a family member).

Please submit the application package and pay the application fee of $500 CDN through the online payment service Flywire.

Time required to review the file

An acknowledgment of receipt giving the status of the application will be sent within 48 working hours following receipt of the application. If the application is complete (including the processing fee), please allow three (3) working days for the application to be processed and to receive a response. Additional time may be required if more information or details are needed, or if the student must be interviewed remotely (through Skype, for example).

There are two possible responses:

• The application is turned down because it does not meet the admission requirements. The process will then end at this stage.

• The application is accepted in principle and the student can proceed with the next step.

Once the application is accepted, applicants are required to pay a minimum of 50% of the tuition fees through the online payment service Flywire.


Legal custody documents

The applicant submits to Viamonde International the documents pertaining to the homestay accommodation provided by the agency offering the service (chosen by the family or by an independent agency such as Homestay) and pertaining to legal custody:

  • the application for homestay accommodation of the agency providing the service (if this agency has legal custody and represents the student’s interests in Canada, it will also issue its own notarized statement of legal custody);
  • the appointment of parental custody or legal guardianship*;
  • the student’s participation agreement;
  • the consent and authorization forms of the agency providing the homestay accommodation service;
  • an up-to-date immunization record.

These documents can be sent by e-mail or by regular mail.

If students are planning to stay in Canada with a family member or a person designated by their family, their guardian must, as required by Immigration Canada, provide Viamonde International with a notarized declaration signed by the parents in their country of origin and by the people designated by the parents to have legal custody of their child in Canada.

Viamonde International will send a letter of acceptance allowing students to obtain a permit to study in Canada.


Obtaining a permit to study in Canada

To obtain a study permit, students must take the letter of acceptance and legal custody documents to a Canadian visa office in their country or the closest one to them (for a list of offices, click here). In some countries, it is possible to apply online.

Depending on the country, the application for a study permit will be processed within 2 to 15 weeks. It is therefore very important to apply for a study permit as soon as your file is complete (registration with Viamonde, accommodations, payment, and legal custody documents).

Viamonde International can in no way influence the process or processing times.

Among other things, Viamonde International can ask students to provide proof that they:

  • are law-abiding and pose no security threat for Canada;
  • are in good health and are willing to undergo a medical examination, if need be;
  • will stay in Canada under the legal custody of a close family member or a caregiver acting as guardian (with notarized documents);
  • will abide by the terms and conditions of their permit to study in Canada.

For more details on this very important step, it is recommended to visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website

Important: It is also highly recommended to obtain a Canadian residence permit from CIC; this permit allows you to leave the country if necessary and to return without any problems.

Once students have received a study permit, they must send a copy to the Viamonde International office. Students cannot study in Canada without a study permit.


The document can be sent:

  • by regular mail to the following address:
    7585, promenade Financial
    Brampton, ON
    L6Y 5P4
  • by e-mail to

Payment of fees in full

Students must ensure they send the outstanding portion of the tuition fees through the online payment service Flywire.

Please note that the application will be considered complete only once Viamonde International office has received proof that a study permit was granted, and the tuition fees have been paid in full.